A VOC Case Study:
Global Branding


A manufacturer of laboratory testing equipment had recently acquired several competitors worldwide. The company not only wanted to strengthen a single, unified brand but also wanted to reposition its mainly product sales services to include a consulting and outsourcing services business unit. However, by introducing new products under many existing brand names, they unknowingly weakened those same brands in many countries.

The client asked our VOC research group to assess several issues where they found concern. At the top of their list was determining the strength of different company names in the US, Europe, and Asia. They wanted Strategex to assess the awareness, strength, and preferences for names of different divisions and recommend a logical branding hierarchy. We decided it was necessary to identify the stronger product brands worldwide and eliminate weaker ones. We chose to look at the relevance of the current tagline, and test the market’s reaction (customers and non-customers) to other taglines. Lastly, we deemed it imperative that we understand the market’s receptivity to a variety of consulting services, and how to best position the new company offerings.


We spent time with the senior management team to fully understand their product and service offerings in detail. Then together we brainstormed potential names for the divisions and prioritized the types of consulting services to be offered. Strategex interviewed division general managers and salespeople to gain a perspective of their strengths and weaknesses in the market.

Before going to the phones, a survey instrument was designed, reviewed, and approved by the client, the ad agency, and Strategex. Over 175 in-depth phone interviews were conducted in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, and China, each lasting 50 minutes on average. Transcripts of the calls were batched to the client and their advertising agency. We provided the client with several geographic presentations.


Our analysis of the Voice of the Customer data yielded valuable high-quality information. With the responses we received, the optimal name for the company was apparent. Strategex was also able to recommend how to market the divisions in the brand hierarchy. The new company tagline put forward by Strategex was received with much more enthusiasm than the company’s current tagline. Together we were able to rationalize the fragmented product brands worldwide for a coherent understanding of both their new and old product lines.

The new consulting business unit offerings were prioritized by country to better serve the market. Strategex provided information on the positioning of this unit to the ad agency who then designed a brochure and collateral information to position and promote the company successfully.

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