Mitigating Risk & Accelerating Value Creation

Too often, customer due diligence is treated as an afterthought – one more item to cross off the diligence check list. Perhaps this is why due diligence has been deemed inadequate in roughly 40% of M&A deals, and why so many deals fail to live up to expectations.

At Strategex, we believe there is a better way. Our Quality of Customers® (QofC®) practice utilizes the Voice of the Customer (VOC) methodology to conduct in-depth customer due diligence. And it works – acquirers save an average of $10M on deals where customer-related issues are uncovered.

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A Better Way of Conducting Customer Due Diligence

An accelerated yet rigorous approach to assess the strength of a target company’s critical accounts and identify strategic growth opportunities.

Insights That Only A Third Party Can Uncover

As a third party, we never have to disclose that a deal is under consideration, which means we are able to collect much more candid customer feedback.

We Advise a Pantheon of Buy-Side Firms

Our client roster includes dozens of private equity firms, investment banks, and strategic acquirers, all of which are available as references.

Senior Level Attention Every Step of the Way

We’re a team of 40 professionals, all located in our Chicago office.