Stephen D. Johannsen, President, RMT Inc.

“Our people have a passion for our clients and for solving complex environmental engineering problems. Unfortunately our hard work was not generating the profit nor growth we wanted. Strategex listened to our needs and then provided an implementable process and training to help us refocus our effort and execute at a whole new level. They were instrumental in driving a business transformation that yielded more than 200% in profit growth last year. Our metrics are now far above benchmarks in our industry and growing. They have been true partners, challenging us to change our thinking but also flexing and adapting to work within our current needs and constraints. I highly recommend talking to Strategex about your business growth needs.”

                                                                            — Stephen D. Johannsen, President, RMT Inc.

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Actionable Game Plan

“Ultimately you get to the Net Promoter Score and that’s going to tell you whether you’re going to win or lose. Unlike a lot of diligence, which I think the management teams think is check-the-box and superfluous, this diligence is an actionable game plan for the management team post-close. It provides them meaty information that they can respond to and probably wouldn’t get from their customer on their own. There’s a level of candor and disarmament that occurs in this process that allows them to get a fairly unique view on how to win.”

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