We Create Pathways to Accelerate and Sustain Growth

It’s been demonstrated time and time again: if you want to organically grow market share, you have to improve the customer experience. Our smartly-designed VOC programs use the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) – a proven predictor of future growth – to benchmark customer loyalty and uncover opportunities to improve loyalty over time, this, in turn, leads to increases in market share.

Great Content, Greater Context

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Quantifying customer feedback is important, but statistics only tell you where you stand today. Without context, these scores don’t tell you what you have to do to improve. That’s why all of our questionnaires include a mix of quantitative and qualitative questions. We measure the scores, dive deep to understand the reasons for the scores, then identify what has to be done to improve them. The result is a clearly defined and prioritized set of recommendations which, if followed, are almost guaranteed to result in more loyal customers.

Global Reach from the Heart of the Midwest

Based in Chicago, Strategex has managed 600+ engagements and has conducted research in over 70 countries and in 17 languages.

We’re Methodologically Agnostic

We evaluate each project on a case-by-case basis and recommend the best solution. There are no cookie cutter solutions here. We’ll suggest phone interviews, online surveys, focus groups, and other tools to get you the answers you need.