Continuous Improvement Fueled by Customer Insights

A three step approach for placing customer feedback at the center of your strategic planning process.

Step 1: Design

The process starts with an in-person kick off meeting where we define objectives, develop a questionnaire, and determine which customers to interview.

Step 2: Execute

Our researchers conduct in-depth telephone interviews with your customers, prospects, lost accounts, employees, suppliers, or any other stakeholder who can provide insights to address your objectives. We provide weekly updates, including detailed transcripts of the conversations.

Step 3: Actionable Follow Up

We transform research findings into a set of prioritized, actionable recommendations. A comprehensive management report is prepared, which includes a roadmap for taking actions with the results. We then come on-site to present the findings and facilitate implementation workshops.

Monitor Progress and Reevaluate

We’ll check in regularly to assist in the implementation of the recommendations. When the time is right, we’ll restart the process and develop the next iteration of customer improvement recommendations.