Strategex’s culture and values are defined by 25 fundamentals.

We live them. We breathe them. We succeed by them.

At Strategex, we take our values seriously. They are fundamental to our success. We start every week, every meeting, every hard conversation with a discussion that focuses on the week's fundamental.


Do the Right Thing, Always

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Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing in every action you take and in every decision you make, especially when no one is looking. Always tell the truth, no matter the consequences. If you make a mistake, own up to it, apologize and make it right.


Do What’s Best for the Client

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Do what’s best for the client, even if it’s to our own short-term detriment. Put their needs ahead of our own. There’s no greater way to build a reputation than to steadfastly do what’s right for others. Every day.


Be a Fanatic about Response Time

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Respond to questions and concerns quickly, whether it’s in person, on the phone, or by email. This includes simply acknowledging that we got the question and “we’re on it," as well as keeping those involved continuously updated on the status of outstanding issues.


Honor Commitments

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Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it. This includes being on time for all phone calls, appointments, meetings, and promises. If a commitment can’t be fulfilled, notify others early, and agree on a new deliverable to be honored.


Sign Your Work with Pride

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Demonstrate a passion for excellence and take pride in the quality of everything you touch and everything you do. Have a healthy disdain for mediocrity. Good is not good enough. Always ask yourself, “Is this my best work?”


Check the Ego at the Door

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It’s not about you. Be humble and don’t allow your ego or personal agenda to get in the way of doing what’s best for Strategex and our clients. Worrying about who gets the credit or taking things personally is counterproductive.


Practice Blameless Problem-Solving

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Demonstrate a relentless solution focus, rather than pointing fingers or dwelling on problems. Identify lessons learned and use those lessons to improve ourselves and our processes so we don’t make the same mistake twice. Get smarter with every mistake. Learn from every experience.


Listen Generously

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Listening is more than simply “not speaking." Give others your undivided attention. Be present and engaged. Minimize the distractions and let go of the need to agree or disagree. Suspend your judgment and be curious to know more, rather than jumping to conclusions. Above all, listen to understand.


Speak Up. Speak Straight.

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Speak honestly in a way that helps to make progress. Say what you mean, and be willing to ask questions, share ideas, or raise issues that may cause conflict when it’s necessary for team success. Be courageous enough to say what needs to be said. Address issues directly with those who are involved and affected.


Find a Way

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Take personal responsibility for making things happen. Respond to every situation by looking for how we can do it, rather than explaining why it can’t be done. Be resourceful and show initiative. Don’t make excuses or wait for others to solve the problem. See issues through to their completion.


Get Clear on Expectations

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Create clarity and avoid misunderstandings by discussing expectations upfront. Set expectations for others and ask when you’re not clear on what they expect of you. End all meetings with clarity about action items, responsibilities, and due dates.


Add Value

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Find ways to help clients become faster, better, and more effective. Understand their goals and be sure everything you do for them is aligned around helping them meet their objectives. Quite simply, if we don’t add value, there’s no reason for us to be involved. This includes both internal and external clients.


Go the Extra Mile

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Be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the job…plus a little bit more. Whether it’s starting early, staying late, or doing something that’s not in your job description, it’s the extra mile that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.


Deliver Results

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While we appreciate effort, we reward and celebrate results. Follow-up on everything and take responsibility to ensure that tasks get completed. Set high goals, use measurements to track your progress, and hold yourself accountable for achieving those results.


Never Stop Improving

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Regularly reevaluate every aspect of your job to find ways to improve. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo. “Because we’ve always done it that way” is not a reason. Guard against complacency. Find ways to get things done better, faster, and more efficiently.


Invest in Relationships

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Our business is built on trust and trust is built on relationships. Get to know the key leaders at our clients, as well as your co-workers, on a more personal level. The better you know people, the more successful you can be in understanding and meeting their needs.


Pay Attention to the Details

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Missing just one detail can have an enormous impact on a project. Be a fanatic about accuracy and precision. The goal is to get things right, not simply to get them done. Double-check your work. Get the details right the first time.


Embrace Change and Growth

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Be nimble, flexible, and adaptable. Go outside your current thinking or comfort zone, rather than hanging on to old ways of doing things. What got us here may not get us where we need to go. Be excited about the possibilities that change and growth bring.


Be a Brand Ambassador

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We’re all responsible for and benefit from, the Strategex image and reputation. Consider how your actions affect our collective reputation and put your best foot forward. Be a proud ambassador for the company.


Be Innovative

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Innovation, improvement, and success don’t come from playing it safe. They come from a thoughtful and intentional willingness to try the unconventional and to ask “What if?” Try a new way. Think differently.


Debate, then Align

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Healthy, vigorous debate creates better solutions. Debate concepts without making personal attacks. Push for the best solution, rather than your solution. Once a decision is made, however, get fully aligned by putting your complete support behind it.


Pitch In Wherever Necessary

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Be willing to do the mundane and ordinary things necessary to get the job done. Nothing is beneath any of us. Pitch in wherever necessary.


Use Data to Make Decisions

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Make good decisions by relying primarily on facts and data, rather than solely on opinions or emotions. Be objective. Analyze the data and use this information to make better decisions.


Work on Yourself

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Be a lifelong learner. Seek out and take advantage of every opportunity to gain more knowledge, to increase your skills, and to become a greater expert. Be resourceful about learning and sharing best practices.

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Contribute to the Culture

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Make sure all your actions, words, and attitudes support our culture. Treat people with respect, maintain a positive attitude, and add to the fun environment.

Learn How It All Began

Strategex has a legacy steeped in values. The management consulting firm started in 1993 with "Do The Right Thing" as a guiding principle.

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