More Value Pre & Post-Close

Strategex Customer Due Diligence is voice of the customer research on steroids. We start with 80/20 financial analyses. Then we interview - and we mean interview - top revenue generators. Customers tell us everything: What they think, what they feel, and their impulses. We know quickly whether or not top customers are happy and secure or if they're leaving right after you write the check.

This package is designed exclusively for private equity. In less than 30 days, we assess customer relationships, identify at-risk customers, and provide value creation strategies. We deliver it all before you close.

A process that delivers more value

Strategex Customer Due Diligence works. On average, we add 300 BPS to op income in the first 100-days post-close. When we uncover issues, we save clients an average of $21M per deal.

Comprehensive customer insights

We go beyond market research. We provide fast customer insights using in-depth interviews, web surveys, and 80/20 data analysis.

We validate your investment thesis. Every project allows us to:

  • Assess the stability of top revenue generators
  • Identify at-risk accounts
  • Design customer retention strategies
  • Validate the target's growth outlook
  • Uncover opportunities to increase wallet share
  • Develop 100-day action plan

Committed to your transaction success

Our expert team partners with you to add value post-close. We are committed to helping our private equity clients get all the things they're looking for: close with confidence, grow faster, exit faster, and achieve a better ROIC.