The Most Profitable CX

Strategex's Customer Experience (CX) programs are designed for a B2B clientele. We combine 80/20 with customer insights to improve your customer experience. Our CX strategies build upon insights across the B2B customer journey to turn customers into evangelists.

After 20+ years, and thousands of engagements, we've learned some universal truths: When you amplify the voice of the customer, you amplify your bottom line. Top customers require a VIP experience. Creating the right experience for the right customer results in profitable growth.

Identifying the right customers

Our CX strategies are radical. We focus on growing profit, not revenue.

Our customer insights and customer experience programs concentrate on top profit-driving accounts. We're market leaders in customer research and we use that experience to help you fully-understand your top customers. Then, we make your company obsessed with them, and them obsessed with you. It's that mutual obsession that drives EVERYTHING: customer engagement, loyalty, growth, and bottom-lines.

When it comes to customer experience, we've got 20 years of experience. Our competitors often deliver customer data on a random set of survey respondents. Instead, we focus on top customers to provide insights behind the right metrics. We guide you to use that intelligence to transform customer success, revenue, and profitability

Customer growth solutions

Customer success is vital in today’s world. We will help you develop a culture of customer intimacy and engagement with your most important customers. In return, you'll enjoy loyalty, a higher share of wallet, and growth.

Amid current economic conditions, leaders know that major customer pain points are price, lead times, and product availability. Yet, the number one customer need is engagement. Our playbook allows your team to improve engagement so that you can deliver customer success.

Delivering customer success can grow revenues by 20-30%.

Our customer experience strategies help B2B companies:

  1. Build a culture of customer-centricity throughout the entire company – from operations to shipping, from sales to administrative roles
  2. Enhance the customer journey: Structure customer touchpoints to be streamlined and engaged
  3. Help customers win: Achieve a partnership with your top accounts and deliver innovation, speed to market, readiness, and collaboration

Delivering an exceptional experience

When it comes to designing CX programs, our mantra is simple: Treat Top Accounts Exceptionally Well. We work to make sure every person in your organization is customer-obsessed and responsible for delivering an exceptional CX to your top accounts. We help you segment your customers, design loyalty programs, stream-line product offerings, and more.

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