Strategex was founded in 1993. But, its origin story begins a decade earlier.


It was the early eighties. Ronald Reagan was president. The cold war was on its last legs. And the burgeoning home computer was starting to gain popularity. Strategex founder, Peter Philippi was serving as a beloved and charismatic pastor of a church in Chicago. He and his family of six lived on church property, where he had worked to develop an inclusive community.

The church sat between two neighborhoods: one was affluent, and one was low-income. When church leaders pressured him to build a wall to keep the low-income neighborhood out of the church, Peter stuck to his belief that the church should welcome everyone, and he refused. He ultimately lost his job and the housing the church provided for his family.

That was a pivotal moment in Peter’s life. A church member suggested his charisma and public-speaking skills would translate nicely to sales. He was able to land a commission-only job; he quickly worked his way to Vice President. Unbeknownst to Peter at the time, this move to the business world would change his life and the course of thousands of future clients.


In 1993, Peter ventured out on his own. He started Strategex with the mission to teach clients how to grow through strategic planning, customer insights, and business development.

He started the company with a dream, a loan, and a business partner. A dedicated business developer, he walked the halls of major organizations to develop relationships and generate awareness. The company has since evolved into an international consulting firm, dedicated to implementing strategies that facilitate our clients’ growth.

Peter has always recognized the value of people; since he hired his first Strategex employee, he made a point to stop by the desk of every single person in the office to greet them, appreciate them, and get to know them. This simple gesture has launched a family-like culture that continues to this day.


Peter's son, David Philippi joined Strategex in 2007. He helped established the 80/20 Profit & Growth practice with Peter and 80/20 legend, Joe Hahn. The three started with one client and worked with more data than Excel could handle.

Since then, Strategex has worked with hundreds of accounts in various industries to generate our favorite thing: profitable market share growth. To date, Strategex has delivered over two billion dollars in operating income improvement to our clients – thanks in large part to David and Peter's strategic vision.


In 2018, David Philippi was appointed CEO. Peter remains as Chairman of the Board, He said of the transition, “David has a clear vision for the future potential of the company. Appointing David as CEO has been our long-term plan. We have grown at an extremely fast pace, doubling the company’s size within the past three years. David has been a key contributor to this strategy, with plans for continued aggressive growth and technology expansions.”


Strategex has grown, improved, and evolved through the years. But, one thing remains the same: we continue to “do the right thing” in our work. By doing so, we ensure more-than-satisfied clients who enjoy more revenue and more profits.

Strategex will always invest in and commit to our people: our employees and our clients. In this way, we fulfill Peter's vision and legacy. We strive to treat people in the same way as our founder: with unbiased respect and appreciation.