Traditional customer experience strategy just doesn’t cut it.

Strategex's Customer Experience is holistic, data-driven, and makes a measurable difference.

We focus efforts on the most profitable customers so our clients can be rewarded with more profits. We study your top accounts to inform a strategy that extends beyond sales and service to every aspect of the organization.

But we don't just measure where you are today. Our strategies seek to define where you will be tomorrow. It's not just about tracking NPS or wallet share -- it's about optimizing your entire business to change those metrics. Ultimately, we give you the CX strategy that drives profitable market share growth.

A Holistic Approach

In the highest-performing companies, everyone is in customer experience. Customer experience is not a siloed job responsibility; the entire organization must be calibrated to delight customers. We help you drive customer obsession which drives customer success.

Start With Data

We begin every project grounded in financial data analysis to determine which of your accounts drive the most profits. From there, we provide in-depth customer insights — quantitative scores and qualitative insights that validate your strengths and expose areas for improvement.

A Loyalty Revolution

We connect your customers’ experience to your business performance and profit drivers. When you know which customers matter most, you can focus on their needs. With our help, you will identify your best customers, understand their needs, and turn them into loyal raving fans.

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