Our business is built on trust and trust is built on relationships. Get to know the key leaders at our clients, as well as your co-workers, on a more personal level. The better you know people, the more successful you can be in understanding and meeting their needs.

Investing in relationships is very important, and this is something that I learned in my first job out of college…a 100% commission sales job. Having zero sales experience and my livelihood dependent on sales, I knew that I needed to set myself apart. Besides becoming an expert on what I was selling, investing in relationships was my secret weapon.

I needed large, repeat clients to trust me and work exclusively with me. I also needed to invest in relationships with my coworkers so that they could trust me, and I could trust them, because a commission-based sales environment can get tough between salespeople.

I learned that I could be a very successful salesperson without ever having to be "sales-y" to a customer or snakey to a coworker…and my method had longevity.

It is an investment to build a relationship with someone, but the return is worth the time and energy. Not only do you gain loyal clients/raving fans, but you gain referrals, friends, resources, and networks.

How did I gain their trust? Easy! I was consistently honest, always did the right thing, did what was best for the client, was a fanatic about response time, honored my commitments, signed my work with pride, checked my ego at the door, practiced blameless problem-solving, listened generously, spoke straight, found a way, added value, went the extra mile, never stopped improving, delivered results, paid attention to the details, and always worked on myself. Check out all of Strategex's fundamentals for a guide to becoming a trusted partner.

Strategex has mastered investing in relationships both internally and externally. Strategex is where we are today because of this investment. Over time, these investments have grown and become more valuable. Most of our clients and employees are from referrals…referrals from raving fans of Strategex. These raving fans were created from investing in relationships.

We consistently meet our client's needs because we are invested.

Next time you are meeting with a client or a coworker, take an extra few minutes to get to know them better on a personal level. After all, the better you know people, the more successful you can be in understanding and meeting their needs. Every conversation is an opportunity to build that relationship, and that’s an investment that will benefit you for years to come!