Good news for manufacturing companies.

Strategex’s economic intelligence partner, ITR Economics, has delivered their outlook for the manufacturing sector based on their expectations for the industrial economy in 2021. Spoiler alert: they forecast the medium- to long-term outlook for US manufacturing to be positive.

Strategex serves major manufacturing companies, so it is important to keep our fingers on the proverbial pulse of the industry’s economic indicators and forecasts. ITR Economics aggregates and analyzes a multitude of economic indicators, indexes, and trends (e.g. foreign direct investment, US & world industrial production, the manufacturing cost index, etc). While the first half of 2021 may be met with industry-wide challenges, overall, they are bullish on the future of the US manufacturing sector.

Watch the webinar to view the full manufacturing outlook:

You may still feel the chokehold of COVID in the near term but stay strong; there is light at the end of this pandemic-begotten tunnel. Don’t squander the low-point and its opportunity. ITR encourages companies to take advantage of the current conditions: invest in the growth of your business in advance of the rise. The window is closing to make well-timed, strategic mergers & acquisitions and investments in talent, capital, and other opportunities that will catapult your business into unprecedented growth.

About ITR

ITR is Strategex’s trusted economic partner; they deliver forecasts which help improve decision-making. We recommend their content for clear, practical, and actionable advice. They provide the best economic intelligence to reduce risk and drive practical and profitable business decisions.

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