January 21, 2020

Strategex, LLC Expands its Private Equity Solutions to Include 80/20 Value Creation Consulting

Management consulting firm Strategex, LLC announced an expansion of its private equity solutions to include 80/20 value creation consulting.
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Strategex fills gap in private equity industry by integrating two proven services: 80/20 value creation and customer due diligence.


Management consulting firm Strategex, LLC today announced an expansion of its private equity solutions to include 80/20 value creation consulting.

At the core of this offering is a qualified team of business veterans, many of whom were involved in the genesis of 80/20 as a business philosophy and have been successful leaders of highly profitable, global organizations.

Strategex 80/20 experts use time-tested processes to optimize mission critical aspects of a business and dramatically improve operating income.

Strategex has been implementing 80/20 with corporate clients for over ten years and we’ve delivered more than $2 billion in operating income improvements,” said David Philippi, CEO. “We’ve cracked the code to helping businesses sustain profitable growth, and we’re looking forward to working with more portfolio companies to drastically improve EBITDA, secure higher sell-side multiples, and exit faster.”

Strategex will continue to provide customer due diligence, a private equity solution that utilizes the Voice of the Customer (VOC) methodology to help acquirers measure and mitigate customer concentration risk. A market leader, Strategex assesses the stability of the customer base, identifies at-risk customers, and develops strategies to retain them post-close.

Through our diligence work, we have established relationships with over fifty private equity firms and observed that almost all of them use the same value creation playbook,” said Anthony Bahr, Managing Director of the customer due diligence practice area. “While often effective it has become apparent to us that more can be done, and 80/20 is a value creation accelerant like none other.”

INQUIRIES: For customer questions and/or media inquiries, please reach out to Anthony Bahr. Anthony is a Managing Director at Strategex, a management consulting firm based in Chicago, dedicated to providing direction and support for sustainable, profitable, and aggressive growth.

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