When used correctly, an 80/20 strategy can drive stock prices up over 500%.

Watch the recorded webinar, The Essential Guide to 80/20 for Manufacturers.

Strategex's 80/20 Experts, David Philippi and Carmelle Giblin share insights, common pitfalls, and KPIs to measure 80/20 success and achieve profitable growth. They share stories and insights gleaned from helping 50+ major manufacturing companies achieve profitable market share growth using 80/20.

During this 1-hour webinar, you will learn how to apply 80/20 to improve critical processes in areas such as accounts receivable, inventory, and on-time delivery. Plus, David interviews Carmelle about her experience implementing 80/20 to group finance, acquisitions, and supply chain at ITW.

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Our 80/20 Profit + Growth process utilizes many more time-tested strategies that we customize to each client to improve net income and grow profitability. When you're ready to start your transformation, we are more than happy to help you through it. We’re not consultants; we’re teachers dedicated to your results.

Strategex utilizes the 80/20 process to transform business and achieve profitable growth. When a company commits to 80/20, it works 100% of the time. In fact, we can guarantee a 10x ROI, but most clients see 25x. How much will we generate for you?