B2B Manufacturers Can Design a Profitable Customer Experience

Strategex and the Manufacturers Alliance presented a webinar, The Secret to Customer Success for Manufacturers. Watch the recording.

While it is more challenging than in the past, customer success and profitable growth are achievable amid current conditions. Manufacturers must learn to deliver an exceptional customer experience despite supply chain disruption, tariffs, and labor shortages.

Each year, Strategex interviews thousands of manufacturing customers, and customers tell us everything: What they think, what they feel, and their impulses. In this webinar, Strategex reveals manufacturing customers’ needs, pain points, and the emotional drivers of their behaviors. Plus, they provide strategies to enhance customer experience, gain loyalty and wallet share, and prevent churn.

In this one-hour webinar, Strategex's Experts, Sharon Kottke and David Bemoras share key takeaways including:

  • Current customer trends in manufacturing
  • Top drivers of an exceptional customer experience
  • Customer strategies to protect and improve profitability

Watch The Secret to Customer Success for Manufacturers:

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