Strategex celebrates mothers.

We particularly honor working mothers of school-aged children who were, by all accounts, hit hard by the pandemic. As the world emerges from the trauma of COVID-19, working mothers have unseen battle wounds from years of juggling work, motherhood, housework, remote learning, and high stress.

This year for Mother’s Day, we honor our working mothers of school-aged children: The paths they took, the hardship they endured, the strength they showed. We know that their journeys were tough, and we thank them for their dedication and work.

Hear Their Stories:

The US Census Bureau reported during the crisis, “Working mothers are either willingly leaving jobs or are being forced out in extraordinary numbers."

The reason? "Mothers carry a heavier burden, on average, of unpaid domestic household chores and childcare, which, during a pandemic that draws everyone into the home, disrupts parents’ ability to actively work for pay.”

McKinsey’s 2020 Women in the Workplace report uncovered: “one in four working women in North America said that they were considering downshifting their careers or dropping out of the workforce entirely. For working mothers, and particularly those with young children, the number was one in three.”

No working mother resigned from Strategex during the pandemic.

We asked our mother-talent why they stayed. Their reasons illustrate why Strategex has always retained top talent: empathetic leadership, flexibility, supportive teams, and a family-first culture.

We honor our mothers, and we thank our whole team for enabling these mothers to succeed in the wake of unprecedented stress and disruption.