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Strategex offers a whole new approach to due diligence and value creation for private equity and investment professionals. We use customer insights and 80/20 to help our clients close with confidence, exit faster, and maximize MOIC.

Enhance earnings performance. Achieve explosive growth. Execute successful exit strategies.

We identify the most valuable customers and value streams and make actionable recommendations you can use leading up to a sale, or post-acquisition to jumpstart value creation.

Mitigate Customer Risk

Our customer due diligence process uncovers insight into the health and loyalty of your target’s customer base so you can move forward with confidence.

Accelerate Value Creation

After an acquisition, we jumpstart value creation by issuing a first 100-day action plan.

We work hand-in-hand with portfolio companies to implement 80/20 Profit & Growth. Strategex’s 80/20 process is designed to optimize business performance at all levels, develop a culture of meaningful results, deliver record levels of Operating Income and EBITDA improvement, and effect measurable shareholder returns. And it works. When a company commits to 80/20, it works 100% of the time. In fact, we can guarantee a 10x ROI, but most clients see 25x.

Our clients start seeing results in 6 months.

Exit Faster, Exit Better

Throughout the holding period, we help portfolio companies gain profitable market share growth. We improve a portfolio's sell-side positioning, strengthen the IRR, and enable a faster return on investment.

As one client put it, "There is no other process more tuned to the speed of execution and value creation needed than in the PE space. 80/20 should be taught in every major business school in the country."

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Customer Due Diligence

How do you know your acquisition target has the secure customer base they claim? You conduct customer research with Strategex. We've got 20+ years of experience researching and analyzing customers. And, we support $1.4B in transactions every year.

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Operators and execs of PE-backed companies have a unique pressure to deliver fast, sustainable, and profitable growth. Their strategies must enable current owners to maximize MOIC while giving new owners a strong foundation for further value creation.

In this webinar recording, Strategex experts demonstrate how to use 80/20 for drastic financial improvement to mount a successful exit strategy. Learn how to make rapid improvements to the bottom line without compromising a company’s ability to grow under new ownership. Whether your company is thriving, stagnating, or languishing, 80/20 methodology can make a lasting material impact in 90 days.

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Our Capabilities

Customer Due Diligence

Customer Due Diligence

We provide customer insights to help mitigate risk, negotiate a better purchase price, and jumpstart value creation.

We'll help you uncover and address:

  • Customer concentration risk
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty (NPS)
  • Customer valuation
  • Customer churn by segment
  • How to leverage customer insight post-acquisition to deliver measurable profit and growth

80/20 Value Creation & Portfolio Management


80/20 Value Creation & Portfolio Management

80/20 methodology is a value creation accelerant like none other.

We use this methodology to develop strategies to help portfolio companies gain profitable market share growth:

  • Exceed financial targets: Operating cash flow, EBITDA, MOIC
  • Optimize the customer experience
  • Strengthen the competitive position
  • Secure higher sell-side multiples
  • Exit faster

Customer Experience


Customer Experience

We help you unlock a portfolio company’s full potential by developing CX strategies with a measurable ROI.

Our work enables portfolio managers to:

  • Optimize the customer experience
  • Improve customer loyalty and grow share of wallet
  • Enhance the value proposition and increase market share
  • Uncover and validate innovation opportunities

Client Testimonials


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“Good customer due diligence allows us to leverage some of the positive aspects of a company while surfacing competitive risks and exposures at the same time. We rely heavily on the Net Promoter Score which influences how we think about the potential for future market share gains and losses.”
- David W. Schroeder, Operating Partner - Baird Capital -
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“Our Management team really values that work and the end report, more so than the quality-of-earnings report and some of the other financial analysis.”
- Christina Miller, Principal - Norwest Equity Partners -
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“Strategex provides us with a mechanism to help us understand where our companies are with their customer relationships, where they can improve them, and a mechanism to help improve them. Strategex takes the risk out of the equation.”
- Dennis Hall, Global Head of Portfolio Operations - Baird Capital -
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“Strategex’s work is maybe the most important aspect of due diligence. The investment will either likely be a success or not a success depending on how we respond to what we heard during the CDD. It’s totally invaluable.”
- John Castle, President & CEO - Branford Castle -
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“At this point, I cannot live without Strategex. I have brought Strategex into every business I’ve led. The results are always transformative.”
- Kerry Baskins, CEO - Peak Tool Works -
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WATCH NOW: Manufacturing Leaders Using 80/20 to Achieve Growth

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The 80/20 Rule Is Brutal. That’s Why It Works.

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WATCH NOW: The Executive’s Guide to Fast Value Creation

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We have worked with ~100 private equity firms.

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At The Speed of Deals

We use an 80/20 framework which enables fast results. We know you're all about speed: we're committed to helping you grow faster, sell faster, and achieve a rapid ROI.

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