Enhance earnings performance. Achieve explosive growth. Execute successful exit strategies.

We identify the most valuable customers and value streams and make actionable recommendations you can use leading up to a sale, or post-acquisition to jumpstart value creation.

Mitigate Customer Risk

Our customer due diligence process uncovers insight into the health and loyalty of your target’s customer base so you can move forward with confidence.

Accelerate Value Creation

After an acquisition, we jumpstart value creation by issuing a first 100-day action plan.

We work hand-in-hand with portfolio companies to implement 80/20 Profit & Growth. Strategex’s 80/20 process is designed to optimize business performance at all levels, develop a culture of meaningful results, deliver record levels of Operating Income and EBITDA improvement, and effect measurable shareholder returns. And it works. When a company commits to 80/20, it works 100% of the time. In fact, we can guarantee a 10x ROI, but most clients see 25x.

Our clients start seeing results in 6 months.

Exit Faster, Exit Better

Throughout the holding period, we help portfolio companies gain profitable market share growth. We improve a portfolio's sell-side positioning, strengthen the IRR, and enable a faster return on investment.

As one client put it, "There is no other process more tuned to the speed of execution and value creation needed than in the PE space. 80/20 should be taught in every major business school in the country."

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