Get a 90-Day Value Creation Strategy in One Hour.

Operators and execs of PE-backed companies have a unique pressure to deliver fast, sustainable, and profitable growth. Their strategies must enable current owners to maximize MOIC while giving new owners a strong foundation for further value creation.

In this webinar recording, Strategex experts demonstrate how to use 80/20 for drastic financial improvement to mount a successful exit strategy. Learn how to make rapid improvements to the bottom line without compromising a company’s ability to grow under new ownership. Whether your company is thriving, stagnating, or languishing, 80/20 methodology can make a lasting material impact in 90 days.


• Why 80/20 was made for M&A: Buy-side and sell-side
• Why you’re more profitable than your P&L suggests
• How to generate immediate op profit improvement
• How to improve op income by 300 basis points without drastic cost-cutting

About 80/20 Profit & Growth
80/20 Profit & Growth
is a powerful business methodology. When used correctly, an 80/20 strategy can drive stock prices up over 500%. Strategex utilizes the 80/20 process to transform business and achieve profitable growth. When a company commits to 80/20, it works 100% of the time.