Complexity destroys profitability…And ROIC, cash flow, on-time delivery, lead time, inventory levels, and all your other KPI’s.

In this recording, two manufacturing-Presidents-turned-advisors expose the horrors of complexity—and what you can do about it. From witnessing excess inventory rot on factory shelves to OTD falling below 70%, they’ve seen—and fixed—it all.

Strategex’s Marc Fooksman and Mary Kate Phillips share jaw-dropping examples of systemic complexity and strategies for holistic simplification. They explain the root causes of this issue and the far-reaching negative impact it can have on a business. They reveal what they did—and you can do—to crush complexity at the source.


  • The warning signs and effects of complexity
  • Causes of complexity (hint: it’s not your supply chain)
  • An introduction to an assessment tool and metrics to determine if you have too much complexity
  • Simplification techniques that can improve all metrics, including the bottom line