Watch Top Manufacturing Leaders in a Discussion Panel

Change is hard. Growth is harder. In this webinar, major manufacturing leaders discuss their experience implementing new strategies to drive change and achieve growth.

Strategex and The Manufacturers Alliance hosted an interactive panel with top manufacturing leaders who have used 80/20 to achieve transformative growth. Understand their journeys and lessons learned from implementing 80/20 strategies within the manufacturing industry. Their stories are different, but their results are the same: profitable market share growth.

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This Leadership Panel Addresses:

  • Best practices in effecting positive change in an organization
  • Challenges: What are they, and how do leaders overcome them?
  • The benefits of 80/20 adoption

Key Takeaways:

  • You cannot dabble in 80/20: It is not an initiative; it's a culture shift.
  • Complexity limits success. 80/20 eliminates complexity.
  • Data will set you free. Understanding your profit drivers leads to clear decision-making.
  • Strategy change requires buy-in at all levels of the organization. Data, early success, and incentives help gain buy-in.
  • 80/20 is about focusing on the right people, products, and processes for growth.


  • David Philippi, CEO of Strategex
  • Kerry Baskins, President & CEO of Peak Toolworks
  • Andrea Hogan, CEO of Fencing Supply Group
  • Don Kenney, Vice President and President, Global Water at Franklin Electric

About 80/20 Profit & Growth

80/20 Profit & Growth is a powerful business methodology. When used correctly, an 80/20 strategy can drive stock prices up over 500%. Strategex utilizes the 80/20 process to transform business and achieve profitable growth. When a company commits to 80/20, it works 100% of the time.