Strategex's Joe Hahn Gives a High-Level Overview of 80/20

Dramatically improve your financials with time-tested processes that improve net income and grow profitability. Strategex's 80/20 Profit & Growth approach to strategic planning drives profitable market share growth.

In this video produced with The Manufacturers Alliance, Strategex’s legendary 80/20 Master, Joe Hahn presents how to shape a company’s culture to drive strategic change and profitable growth. He shares insights he has learned from decades of leadership at ITW, and at Strategex where he has advised hundreds of companies to achieve more than $3B in operating income improvement. Learn how to apply 80/20 (Pareto) as a business strategy and see how one company used it to drive stock prices up over 500%.


35+ Years of Experience in Executive Management

Joe is renowned as one of the most influential 80/20 experts to come from Illinois Tool Works (ITW). He specializes in business turnarounds and developing strategic growth platforms. Throughout his career, he has either run, helped run, or consulted for over 100 different companies.

Prior to Strategex, Joe earned his stripes as a Group Vice President at ITW where he worked for over 20 years. ITW is a global manufacturer of a variety of specialty products and equipment including food preparation equipment, fasteners and components, equipment, and consumable systems. Joe also worked as Division and Group President for Danaher Corporation — a global manufacturer of tools, components, and instrumentation.

After retiring from ITW, Joe joined Strategex in 2008. He collaborated with Strategex founder Peter Philippi, and current CEO David Philippi, to create the 80/20 Profit & Growth practice. He developed the process, built the team, and acted as the lead adviser. Today, Joe is instrumental in the continuous improvement of Strategex's 80/20 approach and has developed proprietary techniques currently in use by several blue-chip companies.

Joe has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University, and an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, where he was valedictorian. He is fluent in French and conversational in Spanish. He is highly regarded as a public speaker, teacher, and executive coach. Joe taught the capstone course (Strategic Management) of the MBA program at Edgewood College in Madison, WI for nearly a decade, earning top honors as an instructor.