80/20 and Lean for Operational Excellence

Strategex's Marc Fooksman, Jennifer Desrosiers, and John Funcheon present a webinar with The Manufacturers Alliance.

There is a critical but often overlooked first step in applying Lean to a manufacturing company. Simplifying the business first significantly increases the impact of applying Lean principles. Our leading 80/20 and manufacturing experts explain the keys to optimizing Lean’s impact. They show how to restructure manufacturing processes to reduce lead-time, improve quality, and increase profit.

Do you have issues with on-time delivery, lead time, quality, cost, safety, and/or excess inventory? This webinar showcases a unique strategy that can solve these problems and magnify the impact of applying Lean to manufacturing.


Learn why major manufacturers declare, “Simplifying a business first is like putting Lean on steroids.”


• An introduction to 80/20 principles and techniques
• How to integrate 80/20 with Lean – and why 80/20 is essential before, during, and after Lean
• How the manufacturing process can and should incorporate 80/20, In-Lining, and Lean principles
• A Q&A with 80/20 Experts