Our why.

Our mission is to help people win. In 2022 we did just that.

We helped more than 200 companies win by helping them:

  • Improve financials
  • Have more fun
  • Decrease stress
  • Have more time to spend with the people that matter and do the things that matter

This year (and every year) we strive to be a great place to work for our employees, achieve profitable & sustainable growth for Strategex and our clients, and meaningfully contribute back to our community.

We thrived.

In 2022 all three of our practice areas celebrated topline and bottom-line growth.

We grow because our customers grow. They evangelize our brand and results. In 2022, we helped our clients achieve profitable market share growth despite record levels of inflation and a challenging supply chain.

We added to the family.

Some of the brightest minds joined (and rejoined) Strategex in 2022. Want to be a part of the Strategex team in 2023? Follow us on LinkedIn and stay up to date on any of our new openings.

SX New Additions

We promoted.

No question, our team is talented. In recognition of their success, and in preparation for continued growth, we made some key promotions.

Promotions Graphic

We gave back.

Strategex put a spin on goodwill with a charity competition in 2022. Through the Strategex Charity Competition, we raised over $53,000 for three different charities. Here are the final results of which team raised the most money and came out on top!

Charity Leaderboard

We empowered.

In 2022, we established the Strategex Women's Group: A group created for Strategex women to empower them to be successful. We facilitate education and discussions aimed to share experiences, connections, and support. It's a safe & supportive environment for Strategex women to connect, share, learn, and grow together.

Strategex Women's Group

We were published.

In 2022 Strategex was published multiple times. The Strategex authors wrote notable pieces that were featured in Forbes.

A few of our favorites:

1. How Fear Holds Even The Smartest Leaders Back

"Do not let fear sabotage your leadership capability. Do not let it destroy your potential to do what business leaders love: grow and succeed." - Dave Philippi featured in Forbes.


2. The 80/20 Rule Is Brutal. That’s Why It Works.

"The best defense against the dangers of the comfort zone is to employ the 80/20 rule, which identifies how people squander time, effort and dollars doing things that previously worked or seem critical yet don’t deliver an adequate return." - Anthony Bahr in an op-ed featured in Forbes


3. Your M&A Transaction Might Fail. Here’s Why.

"Things go sideways because in the heat of the moment, CEOs and executive teams get hyped up on the thrill and hyper-focused on what spreadsheets hint is possible. They lose sight of a crucial aspect of the transaction, which is the customer base they are acquiring. Those customers may not be happy, and many may not stick around." - Anthony Bahr for Forbes


We taught.

In 2022 Strategex presented seven webinars. We love to share our 80/20, CX, and private equity expertise, and our presentations always engage hundreds of participants.

1. Manufacturing Leaders Using 80/20 To Achieve Growth

In this webinar with The Manufacturers Alliance, major manufacturing leaders discuss their experience implementing new strategies to drive change and achieve growth. The panel featured:

  • David Philippi, CEO of Strategex
  • Kerry Baskins, President & CEO of Peak Toolworks
  • Andrea Hogan, CEO of Fencing Supply Group
  • Don Kenney, Vice President and President, Global Water at Franklin Electric

2. Leadership and Change with 80/20

A video made with The Manufacturers Alliance. Joe Hahn shows you how to use 80/20 to drive strategic change and profitable growth. He shares insights he has learned from decades of leadership at ITW, and at Strategex where he has advised hundreds of companies to achieve more than $3B in operating income improvement.

3. Break the Ceiling: Women’s Leadership in Manufacturing

Use this link to watch the video on demand.

This panel with The Manufacturers Alliance featured Strategex's own Carmelle Giblin joined by Maggie Chu, CHRO at Littelfuse, and Erin Kane, CEO of AdvanSix. Learn how these women forged a path to executive leadership and the strategies they implement to create a more equitable future in a male-dominated sector.

4. How to Put Lean on Steroids

Optimize Lean with 80/20; watch the webinar presented with The Manufacturers Alliance. Hosted by 80/20 and manufacturing experts, Marc Fooksman, Jennifer Desrosiers, and John Funcheon.

5. Unlock Growth with 80/20

In this webinar recording, you will learn how 80/20 provides companies with a strategic focus that results in fanatic customers, empowered teams, and explosive cash flow growth.

6. The Executive’s Guide to Fast Value Creation

Get a 90-Day Value Creation Strategy in One Hour. Watch the recording of the 80/20 webinar for operating partners and PE-backed executives. Presented with The Association for Corporate Growth (ACG).

7. Transform Business, Gain Focus.

Watch the recording of a panel hosted by Seaport Research Partners. Moderated by Walter Liptak, Industry Analyst for Seaport Research Partners, this panel featured Marc Fooksman Strategex 80/20 Expert and VP, and Kerry Baskins, President & CEO of Peak Toolworks.

Looking Ahead

In February 2023 Strategex will celebrate our 30th anniversary! That's three decades of helping clients win! Join us as we celebrate our people, our culture, our clients, and everyone/everything that helped us make this milestone. As we look to the next 30 years, we aspire to be a more perfect company, with a more perfect culture, delivering a more perfect product.